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Building Solid Code Review Procedures

Does your organization use any code review procedures when promoting code from Development through to Production?  If you work for a publicly-held corporation, you know this all to well.  If you work for a privately-held company, you can benefit from this procedure as well.  Wether you are a developer wanting to make sure all your i's are dotted and all your t's are crossed, or a DBA in operations getting ready to deploy new code, solid code review procedures can really save your butt from major mistakes that can cost you hours of work.

First, let's get a general idea of what a code review life cycle will look like and who is generally involved.  
  1. Unit Test - Validate Business Requirements and Functional Context
  2. Unit Test - Validate Syntax, Entry and Exit points
  3. Unit Test & QA - Consistency - Perform Version Control & Transactional Analysis
  4. QA & Prod - Security - Permissions, Back-out and Error Handling
  5. QA & Prod - Performance - Validate Memory Usage, Thread Usage and Control Structure usage
  6.  Prod - Documentation - Is there a header, change log, and comments ?  Are deployment instructions required and included?
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