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Hey everybody. I hope there are some smart database people out there to make up for my lack of knowledge.

Anyway, I have a (hopefully) rather simple question.

I work at the local university maintaining the webpage for the nursing program here. The ladys I work for are not very computer smart, so I'm trying to develop an easier way for them to upload new data to class pages, new homework assignments, new lecture slides, etc etc etc. Basically a kind of micro-cms system.

Yes, I'm reinventing the wheel, but I feel it will be a good experience for me.

Well, I'm using .NET for this (C#) because of what's available here at school, and while in the end, everything will be on the SQL Server, for development purposes the webmaster for the school has said that I need to use MS Access.

Blech. Hopefully I won't have to change a whole lot of stuff for the migration to happen, but for now I'm stuck.

Unfortunately, while I can figure out the Queries and the basic commands, actually connecting to a MS Access database is proving to be rather difficult for me. I cannot seem to find an authoratative guide on what all I need to put to create the connect.

Most of the functions are going to be located in a seperate file, and once its all compiled, it should (hopefully) work. But I cannot seem to find what the connect string is.

In my databaseConnect() function I have this:

void databaseConnect()
String connectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.Oledb.4.0;";
connectionString += "Data Source=I:/web/nursing/dev/resources/exams/nursingExams.mdb;";
createUpdateExamConnection = new OleDbConnection (connectionString);
} //end databaseConnect

For some reason, this just doesn't seem to work.

I've imported the correct thing, as far as I can tell...
using System.Data.OleDb;

But I'm stuck.

Any info that you guys can give me would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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